The Best Clean Eating Meal Prep Ideas


If you are interested in busting your sugar cravings, increasing your energy or just kick-starting a healthier lifestyle I urge you to eat super clean for 21 days. The best clean eating meal prep ideas l have here will help a great deal.

Clean Eating Meal Prep


Clean Eating Meal Prep Ideas

 I’ve done Whole 30 and The Daniel Fast and honestly both of them were ok for me because a) I trolled out on potatoes once allowed for DF / the whole time on Whole 30 and b) I didn’t keep it up after the initial time period.
This process of ridding any excess sugar & fat from diet for three weeks and forcing myself to eat bland food has really done wonders for me and has changed my overall eating habits.
If you’re interested in trying it I put together a meal plan and laid out the 10 things you must do to survive 21 days of clean eating. I’ll be sharing a ton of ideas on my instagram and pinterest account too so be sure to follow along!

10 Easy Steps To Prepare for a Week of Clean Eating

1.  Set aside time to prep.

If you have kids then do this Sunday afternoon during nap (or movie) time, when they go to bed Sunday night or early Monday morning. If you don’t have kids then the world is your oyster, just carve out 2 hours to shop & prep.